TV News: Leftovers, Thrones, Reiner, Kills

The Leftovers
HBO has announced that it has renewed Damon Lindelof’s drama series “The Leftovers” for a second season.

Though debuting to just 1.7 million viewers who watched the premiere live in June, the series has pulled its biggest ratings from time-shifting, encores and streaming and now grabs nearly eight million weekly viewers once all platforms are taken into account. [Source: The Live Feed]

Game of Thrones
One more obvious difference between George R.R. Martin’s books and HBO’s TV adaptation “Game of Thrones” is that the latter on occasion delivers some gay sex involving characters only suggested as gay in the books. Martin himself recently explained why he never wrote any gay sex into the novels:

“Because none of the viewpoint characters are gay, there are no explicit gay sex scenes in the early books. A television show doesn’t have those limitations. Will that change? It might. I’ve had letters from fans who want me to present particularly an explicit male sex scene – most of the letters come from women” says Martin. He adds that he’s “not going to do it just for the sake of doing it” but won’t “shy away from it” if the situation arises. [Source: The Guardian]

Untitled Skull and Bones Project
Filmmaker Rob Reiner is set to direct and executive produce a late 1960s-set untitled thriller series about Yale’s infamous Skull and Bones secret society for the USA Network. Andrew Lenchewski (“Royal Pains”) and Aaron Tracy (“Sequestered”) co-wrote the script.

The action follows a Yale student recruited by the CIA to become a mole in the secret society, ultimately becoming caught between the two very powerful organizations. [Source: Deadline]

The Kills
Playground (“The White Queen,” “Dracula”) is re-teaming with Starz and the BBC for a TV drama series adaptation of Richard House’s just released political conspiracy thriller novel “The Kills”.

The story centers on the global manhunt for a British mercenary who goes on the run after stealing $50 million from an American reconstruction project in Iraq. A writer is currently being sought. [Source: Deadline]