TV News: Leftovers, Knick, Wife, Danger

The Leftovers
Want answers to the central mystery of the ‘Sudden Departure’ in HBO’s “The Leftovers”? You probably aren’t going to get them – or at least not in the way you may want. Vulture just ran a lengthy interview with author Tom Perrotta in which the following quote was dropped:

“To hear [Producer Damon] Lindelof tell it, a big reveal seems unlikely. ‘If that’s why you’re watching the show, don’t watch the show.'” In fact there was “defining creative tension” between himself and Lindelof as the question of whether supernatural events can happen on the show.

The Knick
Steven Soderbergh says he had such fun doing his upcoming medical drama “The Knick,” which premieres in early August, that he’s keen on getting going on a second season and is just waiting for the official go ahead from Cinemax:

“We’ll find out within the next couple of weeks. I know they’re happy. I know they like the show. I’m not privy to what money they have allocated. But I’ve made it clear. We know what we want to do, we’ve already worked on breaking out a second year. Everybody wants to do it.” [Source: The Playlist]

The Good Wife
Taye Diggs has scored a multiple episode guest starring role on the upcoming sixth season of CBS’ “The Good Wife” which returns September 21st. Diggs will play Dean Levine-Wilkins, a meticulous and talented equity partner at Lockhart/Gardner who decides to throw in his lot with Diane and accompany her to Florrick/Agos. [Source: Deadline]

Danger Mouse
The upcoming 52-episode BBC reboot of animated children’s classic “Danger Mouse” will feature more female characters, including a change of gender for some already familiar faces since the original Bond/Danger Man spoof series boasted barely any female characters.

CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor says “Characters that might have been male in the past will now be female characters” but wouldn’t go into specifics as to which characters might undergo the change. [Source: THR