TV News: Human, Borgias, Veep

Being Human (UK)
No-one is entirely sure what the fourth season of the original UK “Being Human” is going to be like with the departures of all but one of the main cast members.


Following on from the demise of the vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner) in last season’s finale, new promo photos for the series confirm that the werewolves George (Russell Tovey) and Nina (Sinead Keenan) are also gone. According to the British press Nina isn’t expected to make an appearance onscreen at all while George will only pop up briefly.

Instead ghostly Annie (Lenora Crichlow) will be joined by last year’s recurring werewolf Tom (Michael Socha) and newcomer vampire Hal (Damien Moloney). It essentially looks as if the show is going back to its roots, but will the new configuration work? [Source: Den of Geek]

The second season of “The Borgias” is set to kick off on Showtime on April 8th, and the show runners revealed this past week that they picture the story as a four season saga. Showtime has also confirmed that the new seasons of “The Big C” and “Nurse Jackie” will also commence April 8th. [Source: Seattle PI]

HBO has reportedly set the Julia-Louis Dreyfuss led half-hour political satire “Veep” to debut on April 22nd, and the much anticipated McCain/Palin-themed TV movie “Game Change” for March 10th. Official date announcements will be made shortly. [Source: The Baltimore Sun]