TV News: Holmes, Empire, Who, Human

Sherlock Holmes

The first photos have emerged from the BBC’s new take on “Sherlock Holmes” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson respectively.

Mark Gatiss (“The League of Gentlemen”) and Steven Moffat (“Doctor Who”) co-wrote and are producing the three 90-minute telemovies which kick off in the UK in late July/early August. Paul McGuigan (“Lucky Number Slevin”) and Euros Lyn (“Torchwood: Children of Earth”) direct the episodes.

Boardwalk Empire

HBO has finally announced that its new Martin Scorsese & Terence Winter produced drama series will begin airing Sunday, September 19th.

Doctor Who

Michael Gambon and Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins will guest star in this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special reports The Guardian. The story is said to be a spin on “A Christmas Carol” and will be entitled “Father Who?” according to showbiz columnist Lizo.

Meanwhile the final ratings for the recently completed fifth season of the series have come in and shown not so much a shift in viewership but rather a change in the way people are viewing the show. The much complained about constant shifting of the air time led to lower overnight figures overall but higher online and repeat viewership.

Total viewership across all formats (BBC1, BBC3, iPlayer) averaged 10.17 million viewers per episode, essentially the same level as the 10.19 million viewers per episode average of 2008’s Season Four. The ‘Audience Share’ and ‘Appreciation Index’ figures saw a slightly bigger drop with 37.04% & 86.15 vs. Season Four’s at 38.69% and 88.08.

Being Human

It was confirmed last month that the hunky Sam Witwer (“Smallville”) will take over Aiden Turner’s vampire Mitchell role in SyFy’s U.S. remake of the cult British series.

Now Den of Geek reports that Sam Huntington (“Superman Returns”) and Meaghan Rath (“The Assistants”) are rumoured to be playing the werewolf George and ghost Annie in the remake.