TV News: HBO, Lost, Heroes

“Due to major setbacks and delays stemming from the writers strike, several HBO programs will be missing their usual summer premieres. Both the fourth season of “Entourage” and the third season of “Big Love”, originally scheduled for June, will now air in the fall. Alan Ball’s new series “True Blood” will begin in the Fall, whilst “Flight of the Conchords” will now return in early 2009…” (full details)

“An additional hour of “Lost” may be produced this season, bringing the total to fourteen. Lost’s Season 4 final episode is presently slated to air on May 22nd, if this goes ahead that plan will likely change….” (full details)

“The planned limited series spin-off “Heroes: Origins” is officially dead to keep the focus on the main series. The new season premieres on September 15th…” (full details)