TV News: Gotham, Broadchurch, Fortitude, Clips

The first photos are out from the mid-season premiere of FOX’s Batman prequel series “Gotham,” with the new shots including the teaming of the characters who will become Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The episode, entitled “Rogue’s Gallery,” premieres on January 5th. [Source: Spoiler TV]

BBC America has pushed back the second season premiere of “Broadchurch” in the United States by a month. The cable channel confirmed that the new season will now kick off on March 4th, two months after the British premiere on January 5th. [Source: Variety]

Pivot has announced a January 29th U.S. premiere date for its high-profile, Iceland-shot, Arctic-set, mystery drama series “Fortitude”. Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston, Sofie Grabol, Luke Treadaway, and Richard Dormer star.

The story explores what happens when a town in the Arctic circle, dubbed one of the safest places on the planet to live, copes with a brutal murder and the suspicions that generates. [Source: Variety]

A couple of new promos today staring with a featurette including new footage from the second half of the first season of “Outlander,” the first trailer for the third season of “Bates Motel,” and the first trailer for the second season of “Salem”.