TV News: Futurama, Fall TV, Friday

Along with those just released promo photos, series executive producer David X. Cohen gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly this week about the show’s resurrection.

Despite now being on cable, their “main priority is to make it feel like this is the same Futurama” though the “quantity of borderline material is a little higher”. The seven year gap between regular episodes (not including the DVD movies) has also given them all sorts of story ideas from 31st century iPhones to a storyline about legalising robosexual marriage.

Every single cast member is back, while Fry and Leela’s relationship will be both “on-again, off-again” and “has a very bizarre science-fiction twist to it”. Asked about the strangest moment of the upcoming season? “a love scene between Dr. Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth”.

Fall TV
With the upfront last week, all the networks launched trailers or clips from their upcoming shows scheduled to hit in the Fall. Now, in the hopes of finding out the buzz around said shows, Twitter has been monitored by measurement company Trendrr for mentions of each series according to The Live Feed.

The results are surprising in some cases. “The Event” is easily in first with 4,667 Tweets followed by “$#*! My Dad Says” with 3,211. “Hellcats,” “Nikita,” “My Generation,” “Outlaw,” “Lonestar” and “Outsourced” also scored a lot of Twitter action.

Not faring so well were “Chase,” “Detroit 187,” “Raising Hope,” “Running Wilde,” “Body of Proof,” “Mike and Molly,” “The Defenders” and “Law and Order: Los Angeles”.

Friday Night Lights
ABC Family has scored license to the basic-cable rights to all five seasons of acclaimed drama “Friday Night Lights” and plans to launch the series with the first season in September.

The fourth season of the show has just kicked off on NBC, while the fifth and final season premieres on DIRECTV this Fall.