TV News: Franco, Smallville, Desperate, Burn

General Hospital
Film actor James Franco is reprising his role of charismatic artist and killer Franco in upcoming episodes of the daytime soap.

The actor played the role in 23 episodes which ran from November 2009 to February this year. His return kicks off June 30th.

Tom Welling has confirmed that the upcoming tenth season of “Smallville” will be the show’s last according to The Hollywood Life.

Desperate Housewives
Vanessa Williams will join the cast as a series regular in the seventh season kicking off in the Fall says The Hollywood Reporter.

Williams will “play a housewife who is likely to shake things up on Wisteria Lane.”

Burn Notice
Fox has decided not to release the third season of “Burn Notice” on Blu-ray according to the official press release for the upcoming DVD release on June 1st.

The move isn’t surprising. Though one of cable’s best reviewed and most popular shows over on the USA Network, the show is shot on Super 16mm (aside from the Miami flyover shots) rather than in HD which accounts for a rather grainy image. As a result the difference in quality between the broadcast SD and HD versions is less noticeable than most other shows.

Fox then shot itself in the foot by releasing a Blu-ray with one of the worst-reviewed video transfers in the format’s history and charging $20 more for it over the DVD version. It thus came as no surprise that sales of the Blu-ray proved disappointing.

The show now joins the likes of “Prison Break,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Damages” and “Rescue Me” which all started to release seasons on Blu-ray and then stopped after poor sales.