TV News: Dwarf, Amy, Mirror, Tick, Johnson

Red Dwarf XI
The first episode of the upcoming eleventh season of British sci-fi sitcom “Red Dwarf” is set to screen at the Starburst International Film Festival on Sunday, August 28th in Manchester. Producer Doug Naylor will be on hand for the episode.

The premiere is mostly set in an alternative version of America where modern technology is prohibited – meaning Rimmer and Kryten are illegal. The Dwarfers infiltrate the tech savvy underground and try to bring down the authoritarian regime. It will kick off September 22nd on Dave in the UK. [Source: Starburst]

Black Mirror
The first photos from the third season of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” have been released two months ahead of its October premiere. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mackenzie Davis and Bryce Dallas Howard are amongst the actors in the shots from the sci-fi anthology series based on the British series of the same name.

Amy Damnation
Allison Silverman, a co-executive producer on the Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,”and “Baskets” showrunner Jon Krisel are teaming for the horror comedy series “Amy Damnation”.

The story follows Amy, a compulsive people-pleaser and all-around doormat who discovers she was once such a headstrong kid that her parents had her exorcised. She sets out on a road trip to find the demon who possessed her, convinced that only he can give her the power to take back her life. [Source: Variety]

The Tick & Jean-Claude Van Johnson
Amazon unleashes a new wave of pilots from tomorrow with two very high profile ones. The first is the Jean Claude Van Damme-led “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” about a global action star who is also a secret retired professional killer. The second is the new live-action take on “The Tick”. Ahead of their launches, both have released clips which you can see below: