TV News: DS9, Renewals, Judgement, Society

Tv News Ds9 Renewals Judgement Society

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The black sheep of the “Star Trek” family remains arguably its best, and shortly “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” is getting its own documentary “What We Left Behind” which will boast twenty minutes of HD remastered footage from a series that sadly will likely never get the HD remake treatment like ‘The Next Generation’ did.

The 130-minute documentary has grown vastly from its crowd-funded roots back in 2017, more than doubling its original intended runtime to include more insight from cast and crew.

One part of the doco involves a bunch of the show’s writers and producers coming back together to hash out a potential story for a theoretical eighth season premiere and a clip of that has gone online here. “What We Left Behind” has a one-day-only theatrical debut through Fathom Events on May 13th, check out the full trailer here.

Showtime has renewed Wall Street comedy “Black Monday” for a second season of ten episodes to debut in 2020. Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells and Regina Hall star in the series which deals with the origins of the infamous 1987 stock market crash.

Speaking of renewals, Netflix has renewed coming of age comedy series “On My Block” for a third season just a month after the second season debuted. The third season will consist of eight episodes while the first two seasons were ten episodes each. The series follows four friends navigating the newness of high-school in a rough inner city. [Source: The Wrap]

Atlas Entertainment has acquired the rights to Joseph Finder’s novel thriller “Judgment” and plans to adapt the novel into a series. The story centers on Juliana Brody, a formidable judge in the Superior Court of Massachusetts. After a one-night affair with a man she meets at a conference, she quickly realizes she’s being blackmailed and a terrifying conspiracy unfolds. [Source: Variety]

The Society
Netflix has debuted the trailer for its new original series “The Society” which deals with teenagers waking up to find they’ve been moved to a duplicate of their wealthy New England town – and there’s no adults in sight. At first, the teens develop a new society but when hormones become a factor then things begin to devolve with revolution and violence following. Rachel Keller, Kathryn Newton, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth and Jacques Colimon co-star in the series which arrives May 10th.