TV News: Doctor Who, Futurama, TV Ratings

Doctor Who
The press launch for the new season took place yesterday in Wales where an almost completed cut of the first episode was screened. A few spoiler-light reviews are up at The BBC, Den of Geek, The Sun, Sky TV, The Guardian and The Times Online.

New facts garnered are that the show will get a Christmas Special this year and has already been renewed for another full season next year with Matt Smith returning as The Doctor. Filming on the special and next season kicks off in early July in Cardiff while filming on the current season wraps this Saturday. A post-premiere trailer was aired showing off what’s to come during the rest of the season with a glimpse of the Cybermen in the clip apparently, probably relating to the final two-parter.

A few more details of the new look, three-level “steampunk-inspired” TARDIS interior have also come to light with the central control console consisting of all sorts of wacky instruments – a typewriter, a 1980s touchphone, a 1970’s digital clock, a gramophone speaker, a petrol pump, a morse code machine, hot/cold water taps, dials and pistons and a blown glass ‘time rotor’.

There’s also a door leading to other rooms within the machine’s interior including a library and swimming pool which Matt Smith’s Doctor makes a quick reference to in the opening episode (the pool was seen in the classic series). Moffat explains the design to The Guardian saying “there is no such thing as modern to the Tardis… [it] rebuilds itself around the new Doctor and because the Doctor is completely mad, it builds itself around his madness.”

With the new episodes starting June 24th, a very short teaser trailer to promote them has done online at CC Insider Blog.

Were you aware that “Flashforward” returned last night? If you were that makes you one of the few. The two-hour return of the serial drama pulled in 6.5 million viewers, down 10% from its last original episode in December and a new record low for the show. Despite this it still was the top non-sports program for the first hour.

“Chuck” also suffered its all-time lowest rating Monday night with 5.8 million viewers, falling 17% from last week. Part of the drop has been attributed to the Daylight Savings Time change.

“South Park” over on Comedy Central however shows no signs of slowing down. The fourteenth season premiere, which laid into the issue of celebrity sex addiction, pulled in 3.7 million viewers – the most watched season premiere for the show since 1999.