TV News: Damned, Tightrope, King, Fringe

The Damned
Showtime is planning to adapt Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn’s comic book “The Damned” into a supernatural crime drama series.

The prohibition-era comic follows Eddie, a man cursed and unable to rest who can’t escape the city’s most ruthless warring demon gangs. David Hayter will develop the writing on the series which will shift the action to modern times. [Source: Deadline]

Fox TV has picked up “Tightrope”, a drama project from “Fight Club” scribe Jim Uhls and Chernin Entertainment.

The story follows an FBI agent who is exceptionally skilled at finding, turning, and using criminal informants, rendering them totally trusting and trustworthy. But it’s a process that comes with a cost: the blurring of the boundaries of morality. [Source: Variety]

King & Maxwell
Best-selling author David Baldacci’s King & Maxwell novel series is set to become a TV series for Shane Brennan Productions.

The story centers on two former Secret Service Agents-turned-private investigators who solve cases deemed too sensitive for normal law enforcement to handle. Baldacci himself had offered to help the translation to the screen. [Source: Deadline]