TV News: Collar, Oliviers, Wonder, 100

White Collar
Production on the sixth and likely final season of USA Network’s “White Collar” has not begun as the network and production studio are reportedly disagreeing on the nature of the series conclusion.

The network reportedly wants a mini-series wrap up (ala “The Big C”) while the studio would prefer a full final season. Ratings remain solid for the series, but the show is becoming too expensive to produce. [Source: TV guide]

The Oliviers
Ten Cent Adventures is developing the four-hour mini-series “The Oliviers,” about the life and love of the iconic British actors Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

The story deals with the tempestuous relationship and twenty year marriage between Olivier and Leigh. A director has yet to be attached, while Tarquin Olivier will produce. [Source: Screen]

The Wonder Years
StarVista is set to finally release “The Wonder Years: The Complete Series” on DVD in the second half of 2014. The release has taken so long because the company painstakingly secured the rights for virtually every song in the show including Joe Cocker’s iconic theme song.

The result is the discs will contain the episodes that were initially broadcast, un-edited and untouched from original broadcast masters. [Source: The Wrap]