TV News: Bridge, Sharknado, Fortune, Sons

The Bridge
The first episode of FX’s U.S./Mexico set remake of the acclaimed Scandinavian procedural drama “The Bridge” pulled in 3.04 million viewers for its first viewing.

Over two showings, the series scored 4.12 million viewers – just 2% less than the 4.23 million that the opening episode of FX’s “The Americans” scored over its first two showings.[Source: Deadline]

Syfy’s campy “Sharknado” TV movie drew over 604,000 tweets on Thursday night over a seven hour period.

That’s nearly three times the tweets that hit during the same seven hour window following the most talked about episode of “Game of Thrones” this past season. [Source: The Live Feed]

Bravo is developing “Fortune,” a one-hour drama series loosely based on Dickens’ “Bleak House”.

Theresa Rebeck, John Wells and Andrew Stearn will produce the present day-set story about a prominent New York family and the battle over an inheritance, when the patriarch dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances. Source: Deadline]