TV News: Ash, Orphan, Carter, Rebels

Ash vs. Evil Dead
The first photo is out from the second season of Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead”. No monsters, no sinister undead types, just Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) taking his hand chainsaw to a kegger at a college party – awesome. The new season is slated to premiere later this year. [Source: Gizmodo]

Orphan Black
BBC America’s clone drama series “Orphan Black” will get a weekly aftershow this season titled “After the Black” and debuting with the show’s fourth season premiere on Thursday April 14th. Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson will host.

This follows in an obvious audience appetite for post-show debates such as those for the Chris Hardwick-hosted “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” and “The Walking Dead” episodes. [Source: Deadline]

Agent Carter
Dominic Cooper showed up at WonderCon this weekend to promote AMC’s “Preacher” TV series based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic and was asked about the status of the third season of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” which has yet to be renewed. He said: “I hear nothing. I’m waiting. I think it’s great, that show. Fingers crossed.”

Cooper was also asked even if the show returned would he be able to reprise his recurring role as Howard Stark. He says: “Yeah, I hope so… because Howard Stark kind of runs in and runs out. He does some ridiculous thing, creates some madness and then hops off on a plane with a leggy blonde.” [Source: Slashfilm]

Star Wars Rebels
The season finale of “Star Wars Rebels” premieres this week and sees fan favorites like Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano fighting it out, along with suggesting that elements from a part of the old Expanded Universe – the Knights of the Old Republic – are included in Disney’s “Star Wars” canon. In the clip Ezra, Ahsoka, and Kanan explore the desolate ruins of a temple on the planet Malachor.