TV Networks Give Full Season Orders

With a good month of ratings data under their belt, the television networks have begun making decisions this week about which of their new shows are set to get full season orders. The sheer number is surprising.

For those not up on the terminology – with each new show launched, the network gives the green light for thirteen episodes to be produced. A ‘full season order’ means they like the prospects of the series and have ordered an additional nine or more episodes which brings up the tally to at least a full twenty-two episode season.

CBS has given all five of its new shows full season orders – “Hawaii Five-0,” “Blue Bloods,” “The Defenders,” “Mike & Molly” and “$#*! My Dad Says”. The CW has also given both its two new shows, “Hellcats” and “Nikita”, full season orders.

NBC’s “The Event,” “Chase,” “Law and Order: Los Angeles” and “Outsourced” have all scored full season orders. Though it is in its fourth season, the network has also given “Chuck” a full season order after previously only giving them the go ahead for thirteen episodes. The network has cancelled its Jimmy Smits drama “Outlaw”, while the decision is still pending on the J.J. Abrams-produced “Undercovers” but it’s likely to get cancelled soon.

Along with quickly cancelling “Lone Star”, FOX has renewed “Raising Hope” but hasn’t yet decided about the fate of “Running Wilde”.

The biggest questions remain about ABC’s various shows. “My Generation” was axed, while things look pretty decent for “Detroit 1-8-7” and “No Ordinary Family”. “Better With You” and “The Whole Truth” on the other hand probably won’t make it.