Turteltaub To Direct Giant Shark Tale “Meg”

“National Treasure” film series director Jon Turteltaub is in early talks to helm the long in the works prehistoric shark feature “Meg” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Chinese company Gravity.

Based on the novel by Steve Alten, the story centers around the 70-foot, 40-ton prehistoric Carcharodon Megalodon shark, a monster that could eat Tyrannosaurs for breakfast.

Eli Roth came on board to direct last year but Warners, currently bruising from a bad year at the box-office last year, has been scrutinising much of its slate and Roth left the film. The costly shark movie, with a budget upwards of $100 million, was rumored to be going back into turnaround yet again.

Instead, producers are looking for a way scale the project down including a major rewrite. The film has been in the works, on and off, for around two decades so no telling when this might go forward.

Source: Heat Vision