Turner Teases “X-Men” Reshoot, Different Tone

Turner Teases X Men Reshoot Different Tone

Originally slated for release this Fall, Simon Kinberg’s “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” surprised quite a few when Fox suddenly pushed it back a few months and now intends to open it in February next year.

Part of the reason is said to be due to reshoots on the project which became more extensive than originally anticipated – and that led to scheduling difficulties which pushed back the shoot and thus the film.

Actress Sophie Turner, who has the key role of the young Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix in the movie, says even she isn’t sure about the specifics of the reshoots. She tells Digital Spy:

“I think it’s just a few bits and bobs, reshoot-wise. To be honest, I don’t even know what we’re reshooting at the moment. So I couldn’t really tell you much about that one. All I know is that I’ll be back in Montreal at some point soon, and that the Valentine’s Day release date is quite a positive thing, because ‘Black Panther’ got released on Valentine’s Day. So we’re keeping positive about it.”

Turner is also happy with the direction that the new film is following and is said to be very different from the previous film “X-Men: Apocalypse:

“This movie is kind of a lot more emotion-based, much more grounded. There are, of course, those supernatural elements, but this one is really character-driven – a really emotional story about a girl battling with a deadly mix of mental health problems and being a superhero. So it’s all wrapped up into one, and it’s a movie about struggle and abandonment and not knowing yourself. Yeah, an internal struggling. It’s so, so interesting. It’s such a departure from the last movie.”

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is scheduled for release on February 14th 2019.