Trumbull Directing High Frame-Rate Feature

Douglas Trumbull (“Silent Running,” “Brainstorm”) has revealed that he is planning to direct a 3D feature using higher frame rates says The Hollywood Reporter.

Trumbull made the announcement at the Digital Cinema Summit at this weekend’s NAB Show. The move follows in the wake of James Cameron’s recent comments heralding a charge to push the industry for higher frame rates, moving up from the commonly used 24 frames per second to 48 or 60.

The reason is to reduce strobing that can be visible, particularly with camera movement or action, as well as create an even clearer picture and essentially eliminate the headache and nausea issues that come with 3D at the lower frame rate. The effect would be to create a real sense of realism.

Trumbull, who was a visual effects artist on such films as “2001: A Space Odyssey”, actually developed a process to shoot 65mm film at 60 frames per second for 1983’s “Brainstorm”. However that film ultimately was shot at the regular 24 frames per second rate and marked his last time in the director’s chair.

Trumbull has now formed Magnetar Productions and is finishing up a screenplay with the intent of shooting the film at the higher frame rate. “James Cameron has been talking publicly about shooting tests in 48 and 60. Peter Jackson wants to do The Hobbit in 60. … It doesn’t seem too daunting (to make this happen)” says Trumbull.