True Detective S2 E4 Shootout Featurette

The end of the fourth episode of the first season of “True Detective” resulted in one of that already acclaimed show’s most celebrated moments – a single real time tracking shot that ran about six minutes and involved an intense shootout action sequence when an undercover op went off the rails. Like the rest of the season it was a beautiful piece on its own right, it just flowed smoothly and sustained not just tension but a distinct eeriness.

The action sequence that capped off this past week’s fourth episode of the second season is much like the difference between the show’s seasons – more episodic, chaotic and ragged in nature. It’s a rougher, quicker and more cobbled together piece that’s much less artistic and more familiar, but is effective on a visceral level – especially following what, up until the sequence began, was arguably the show’s dullest episode to date.

Now a new featurette has emerged about the filming of the sequence and how Navy SEALs were brought in to help train the actors for the brutal bloodbath of a scene which took five days to shoot and racks up an incredible bodycount. Check out the featurette and the scene itself in full can be found on Youtube: