True Detective Only Gets Three Seasons?

With its anthology nature allowing a complete change of cast, story and tone every season, HBO’s “True Detective” could theoretically go on indefinitely. The show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto however says that he can’t see the series going beyond 2016.

Appearing at the Banff World Media Festival, Nic Pizzolatto told the Calgary Herald that he doesn’t really have plans for the show to last beyond a third season due to the show’s demanding work schedule:

“I can’t imagine I would do this more than three years. I mean, I’d like to have a regular TV show. We’ll have some fixed sets, regular actors and I could bring in people to help and I don’t have to be there every second. It’d be great.”

He adds that it’s the very difficult to produce due to the anthology nature of the show, which requires him to start from scratch each season and write every episode, and it limits how much he can do:

“It can’t have any growing pains like a regular first season. If it works it has to work right out of the box. That’s incredibly exhausting. I mean, the job is exhausting to begin with, but it’s doubly exhausting and I’m writing every episode.”

Asked about the rumored names so far mentioned for the show’s second season., Pizzolatto has dismissed all the reports:

“I’ve seen entertainment reporters say ‘My sources say’. There are no sources. There’s me and two other guys and they don’t even know what I’m doing. I’ve talked to one person about it, possibly, and that has been it. We haven’t cast anybody. I have a secret list and that’s it.”

Pizzolatto adds that he intends to lock down a director first before he gets into casting.