True Detective Gets A Change Next Season

Never has there been more of a critical turnaround on a show in recent times than HBO’s “True Detective”. The first season was one of the most acclaimed works to ever come to television, the second season was widely panned and in a few episodes had seemingly turned the show into a running joke.

Nic Pizzolatto, who created the series and penned both the first two seasons, has signed an overall deal to remain at HBO though a third season of the series has not yet got the green light.

Variety reports that the new contract includes an option for another season, but HBO executives are pushing the creator to pursue other projects along with “a new way to run” the season should it go forward. Three options are said to be on the table – one with PIzzolatto writing the entire season by himself (like the previous two), the other two involving a writing staff and/or a new showrunner.

Whatever the choice, Pizzolatto would remain an executive producer on the series. How much involvement in the day-to-day he’ll have seems to be the big question.

Also uncertain is who would helm the episodes – filmmaker Cary Fukunaga’s collaboration of the development of the show’s first season was a key part to its success. Several ‘for hire’ directors took the helm of the second season with Pizzolatto essentially going it alone.