“True Detective” Exit Due To Creative Issues?

While the stellar cast eases the pain, there’s no question the loss of rising filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier from the currently in-production third season of “True Detective” was a major blow.

His hiring was seen as a big part of the hopeful return to form for the series which achieved massive overnight success in its first season, and then became something of a sacrificial lamb in its second season.

However with his sudden departure over the weekend after completing the first two of a reported eight episodes for the season, there’s obvious concern and questions as to what happened. HBO’s official line of ‘scheduling conflicts’ simply doesn’t fit the facts, and now a new report in Variety has given a slightly clearer explanation:

According to their sources: “Filming on location in Arkansas has been tough at times, and that [series creator and writer Nic] Pizzolatto and Saulnier had differences of opinion on the episodes.” In other words creative differences, rather than a scheduling conflict, is the cause which led to Saulnier bailing on his commitment.

Veteran TV director Daniel Sackheim is taking over for Saulnier, with the remaining six episodes split between Sackheim and Pizzolatto – the latter making his debut as director after writing every episode of the series. There’s no release date set for “True Detective” season 3 as of this point in time.