True Detective Creator Offers Season 2 Update

Following this morning’s multiple Emmy nominations for the first season of HBO’s “True Detective,” the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto has revealed some new details about the second season of the anthology series.

He confirms that he is halfway through writing the second season and the storyline will focus on four central characters as they traverse the lesser-known parts of California. No-one has been cast yet but the network revealed today that an announcement will be made very shortly – as early as next week in fact.

In regards to all the rumors so far, Pizzolatto says: “I’m hitting the halfway mark on the scripts. Not much [I can tell you]. We’re not keeping any secrets, so when something concrete develops, we’ll announce it to everybody. But everything has just been empty rumors so far.”

Asked if the rumors of it revolving around the secret occult history of the transportation system were true, he says “I would actually just stick with ‘set in California.’ I’d rather not to elaborate on that.”

Source: The Daily Beast