True Detective Backlash Gets Analysed

However you feel about the second season of HBO’s “True Detective,” one thing for sure is that it’s not getting anywhere near the love of the first. In fact the turn against it has been downright vitriolic.

Yet is that all just hot air being stirred up by a few disgruntled viewers? Market analysis group Canvs (via Variety, which tracks sentiment regarding content on Twitter, has analysed tweets with emotional reactions regarding the show. Comparing the first six episodes of this season with those of the first has led to some interesting results.

Throughout the first season, around 50% of the audience loved the show from the first episode and that rate was maintained fairly steadily (45-55%) throughout the first six episodes.

Throughout the second season, only 27% of the audience loved the show from the first episode. Again the rate has been maintained fairly steadily (25-33%) throughout the first six episodes suggesting people had already made their mind up by the end of the season premiere.

Those who thought it ‘Good’ has also been relatively steady in both seasons at around 18%, and those who are ‘excited’ by it is also steady at around 9% each. Where the difference really lies is in the other reactions.

Throughout the first season those who hated it, found it crazy and ‘loved to hate it’ were all sub-10% of the audience each. In the second season, the number of haters has jumped from 5% to 15%, and the number who deem it ‘crazy’ has jumped from a steady 8% to all over the shop between 10-30%. Even those bored with it are up from 2% in Season One to 5% in Season 2.

Essentially it looks as if a portion of the audience that outright loved the first season jumped to outright hating the second right from the get go and haven’t changed their minds since.

The group has also studied the likability of the characters with Rachel McAdams’ character coming off the best with a 47.2% love to 8.2% hate reaction. Coming in last is Vince Vaughn with 31.2% love to 20.4% hate.