True Blood Finale, “Who” Premiere Ratings

HBO waved goodbye to the fang bangers and one of its all-time biggest hits with the series finale of “True Blood” on Sunday night. Last night’s 9pm broadcast pulled in 4 million viewers, about on par with the overnights of last season’s finale (4.1 million).

The show has been averaging 9.4 million weekly viewers once encore, on-demand and HBO Go plays are taken into account. That’s down from its top average of 13 million weekly viewers for the third season in 2010, but it still went out as a strong rater for the network.

BBC America reports that Saturday night’s broadcast of the “Doctor Who” season premiere episode “Deep Breath” scored 2.2 million viewers in the United States, the show’s best premiere numbers to date but not breaking the 2.4 million record held by last year’s 50th anniversary special.

Meanwhile, the BBC in the UK has jumped forward with their own overnight figures. 6.79 million viewers (32.5% share) tuned in for the broadcast in the UK on Saturday night, marking the show’s best season premiere overnight ratings since 2010 when Matt Smith made his debut.

Also announced was an Appreciation Index score (AI) of 82/100. AI scores are like CinemaScores, it’s a large poll of random audience members that determines how satisfied they were with the episode. 82/100 is on the lower end than the show has achieved in recent years. The single lowest episode the show has had since the reboot was Season 2’s “Love and Monsters” with 76/100, the highest was the David Tennant fourth season two-parter “The Stolen Earth”/”Journey’s End” with 91/100

Matt Smith’s debut “The Eleventh Hour” scored an 86/100 and his finale “The Time of the Doctor” achieved an 83/100. David Tennant’s debut “The Christmas Invasion” scored 84/100 and finale “The End of Time Part 2” scored 89/100. Chris Eccleston’s debut “Rose” scored 81/100 and his finale “The Parting of the Ways” nabbed an 89/100.