Troubled Nailed Resumes Production

Filming on David O. Russell’s politically charged romantic comedy “Nailed” has resumed reports the trades.

On Friday the Screen Actors Guild ordered its actors to stop working after producers failed to replenish its deposit with the union to cover the actors’ payroll.

SAG requires that productions with a budget below a certain amount must make deposits with the union to pay actors if payroll can’t be met. The producers can then draw from that deposit during the course of production, but they must replenish that fund when that happens. On “Nailed”, the actors were paid out of the deposit, but the producers apparently didn’t add the additional funds to the account.

Capitol Films head of business affairs Ray Reyes now says “”We’ve reached agreements with SAG and the DGA, and the film is shooting right now.” Both SAG and the DGA have also confirmed that they’ve assured those involved to keep working. The news comes as many ponder the fate of Thinkfilm, the film’s distributor, which is apparently on financially shaky ground right now.

Shooting on “Nailed” resumed yesterday in South Carolina .