Tron Sequel, TV Spin-Off Already Planned?

Disney Pictures is hoping “Tron: Legacy”, its upcoming sequel/reboot of the 80’s sci-fi classic will be a major hit because plans have already been made for a potential franchise.

Blue Sky claims that “on the theatrical front, this could be the beginning of a new trilogy, and I’m not talking about including the original Tron. If all goes according to plan you could see this as the first in a trilogy of films that start with the word “Tron” and end somewhere else… Legacy is only the beginning. There are preliminary plans to milk this into a franchise of “Pirate” proportions.”

Indeed the studios hopes to not only make a lot of money of the film and related merchandise, but there may be plans for a TV spin-off as well – “Plans have been put into motion for a computer animated television series that could conceivably be up by late 2011/early 2012. This would be something of a placeholder to keep the fans interest still peaked in between this first film and the next one. No word yet on where it will wind up being broadcast… but as of now the concept has been greenlit.”

Of course a lot will depend upon box-office when ‘Legacy’ opens on December 17th.