Tron Legacy Conquers E3 & Comic Con

One has to give full props to Disney for their handling their “Tron Legacy” publicity campaign, bringing out just enough to keep you salivating but not so much as to spoil the excitement or the surprises.

Earlier this week the film’s tie-in video game “Tron Evolution” stole a lot of attention at the E3 video game convention with an awe-inspiring action trailer that just has to be seen to be believed. It actually looks like one of the first film-to-game translations worth buying.

Today, Disney Studios confirmed the film will have a significant presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July. In fact, the Disney presentation will be the first one out of the gate on Thursday morning in Hall H with the plenty of first look 3D footage and surprise guests.

The announcement is not unexpected. A surprise concept test reel screened at the Con in 2008 and reaction to that was a big factor in getting the film greenlit. Last year a strong presentation with much of the cast generated a lot of interest, while a decked out ‘Flynn’s Arcade’ a few blocks away saw large lines to get into the building every evening throughout the convention.