Troll 2 Kid Sets Out To “Destroy”

Michael Stephenson, best known as the child star of the legendarily terrible 1990 horror pic “Troll 2”, is set to produce and direct his first narrative feature – the dark comedy “Destroy” reports Heat Vision.

Set in the real world where vampires don’t exist (sorry Twi-hards), a well-intentioned would-be vampire hunter travels across Bavaria in a quest to save the world from the bloodsuckers. In reality, he’s mistakingly murdering innocent old men and leaving a trail of wooden-staked corpses in his wake.

Bryan Connolly and Zack Carlson co-wrote the script. Early casting is underway and shooting will soon take place in Eastern Europe.

Stephenson was able to land the gig thanks to his experience writing and directing “Best Worst Movie”, about how “Troll 2” became a cult phenomenon.