Trickster To Return For More “Flash”

Mark Hamill’s turn (and return) as The Trickster on this week’s “The Flash” is looking like it probably won’t be the only time the actor appears in the series as the flamboyant villain.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells THR that the hope is Hamill’s Trickster will team up with other members of The Rogues. He particularly likes the idea of the Trickster meeting the cool and calculating Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).

Kriesberg says “What was cool about the Trickster on both series is he was smart. No matter how crazy he was, he was so smart and he thought four steps ahead.”

Hamill says he had one condition about reprising the role: “I’m not getting back into the one piece jumpsuit. I’m not getting back into that spandex deal”.

Speaking of the series, some new photos from the set of filming on the first season finale have arrived over at Grant Gustin News and reveal some big spoilers.


The photo shows The Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm facing off against Reverse Flash. The catch is Reverse Flash is unmasked, and Oliver Queen’s Arrow is sporting an outfit that looks much more like those worn by members of the League of Assassins.

The season finale of “The Flash” is slated to air in May.