Trevorrow On “Jurassic World 3,” “Henry” & More

Filmmaker Colin Trevorrow has had an eventful ride over the past few years. His break out indie hit “Safety Not Guaranteed” was well received enough it landed him the gig of directing “Jurassic World” which then went on to become a monster hit which grossed $1.6 billion worldwide. Shortly after he was then set to direct “Star Wars: Episode IX”.

Then things began to collapse. ‘World’ may have been financially successful, but it divided critics and concerns were being raised over Trevorrow’s presence on “Star Wars”. An awkward social media incident preceded the opening of his little indie film “The Book of Henry” and reviews were scathing. Then he was booted off “Star Wars,” though by that point such a firing had become common practice on that franchise.

Trevorrow had passed on directing “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” which J. A. Bayona took the helm of from a script that Trevorrow co-wrote. The film has had mixed reviews at best, though is once again successful enough at the box-office it doesn’t matter – a third one is happening and Trevorrow will direct that.

Recently Trevorrow sat down with Uproxx for an interview in which the outlet was explicitly advised that ‘everything was on the table’ and so they could talk about everything. Trevorrow opened up a bit and said the bad reception to ‘Henry’ really hit home:

“Look, man, it was painful. But, you know, life is full of pain, and we all experience loss. Not all of us have to watch it play out online, but that’s the gig. And I feel like in America right now, your pain is bait. You know, your pain is clickable. And my kids felt it, my wife felt it. But, you know, there are moments in your life when your kids see that you’ve fallen down. And they watch, waiting to see if you’re going to get up. And how you handle failure will teach them how to handle it themselves.

The response to it [Henry] was devastating. And mostly because it was made with such love by so many people who felt so earnestly good about what they were doing. It definitely wasn’t one of those movies that you hear about where everyone knows it’s a piece of s–t. It was not that at all.”

Asked if there was a link between the poor ‘Henry’ reception and his being let go from “Star Wars” he says:

“You know, I don’t know. I mean, I can’t really speculate on it. I’ll tell you that the reaction to ‘Book of Henry’ was far more damaging than the actual movie. And I don’t mean specifically at Lucasfilm. I mean, that was a very acidic situation. And, look, every director who has worked in Lucasfilm put their heart and soul into the job and they left it all in the field, and the bottom line here is that sometimes creative people can’t find a shared path through the woods.”

He remains very much looking forward to getting to work on the third “Jurassic World” saying:

“It is a movie I’ve wanted to see my whole life, and I knew it would take two movies to earn it and to get there. And that I did feel it was the right move to have another director do the second film. I think we needed a different visual aesthetic, we needed a different voice.”

The third and final film in the “Jurassic World” trilogy is expected to hit cinemas in 2021. Trevorrow recently spoke with MTV and his comments have led to speculation that either Sam Neill and Laura Dern could potentially have cameos in the next one.