Tremors 5 Goes Down Under, Ugh

Back in 1990 came the release of “Tremors”, a low-budget, darkly comic monster movie that quickly became a well-regarded cult classic.

To this day it’s a fun film about a group of people – such as the dad from “Family Ties” and Reba McEntire as a pair of gun nuts, along with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as a pair of ‘good ol’ boys’ – who become trapped in a small town and unable to touch the ground for fear of giant beasts with triple-tentacled mouths sucking them under the ground.

Unfortunately like many low-budget features that achieve success, increasingly dire direct-to-video follow-ups soon appeared. Well two sequels, one prequel and a short-lived TV series later, Universal Pictures has decided to raid the well again with a new feature entitled “Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under” reports Cinema Blend.

The new version will shift locations to Outback Australia, a place where there truly is nowhere to keep ones feet off the ground. Though not confirmed, there’s talk that this one may also be a ‘relaunch’ of the franchise.