Trek Sequel Tidbits & TNG Blu Comparisons

Roberto Orci has thrown out some breadcrumbs about the upcoming “Star Trek” sequel via Trek Movie.

Orci confirms that the film’s budget will be bigger than the $145 million of the first one, mainly because the scale of the project is also a lot bigger. One of the more complained about sets of the first film was the brewery-style engine room – that has undergone an upgrade with some “cool improvements” and you’ll see more of it.

Meanwhile more comparison photos have emerged for the upcoming Blu-ray ‘sampler’ release of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” via TrekCore, showcasing the massive jump in quality from the original DVDs to the massively remastered Blu-ray which went back to the original film reels for scanning, re-editing and re-doing the visual effects.

Both early reviews and recent interviews by those involved in the project confirm that while many of the effects shots keep the original model effects and digitally recomposites them, a small number of shots simply didn’t look up to snuff even after rescanning and recompositing so have had to be replaced by fully CG shots.

Also out today is a photo of the cover art for the full first season Blu-ray box-set due out sometime later this year. According to those involved, the restoration team work on numerous episodes at once but are still in the midst of restoring the first season which is why no date is yet locked.