Trek Scribes Reboot “Mummy” & “Van Helsing”

Stephen Sommers just got kicked in the ego. More importantly where’s the “Deep Rising” reboot?

Universal Pictures have signed a two-year first-look production deal with “Fringe” creators and “Star Trek”/”Transformers” scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci according to a just issued press release.

The first films of this new deal? Reboots of Sommers’ “The Mummy” and “Van Helsing” which are amongst several library titles the pair are reportedly planning to ‘reimagine’.

The ‘Mummy’ reboot has previously been reported on with producer Sean Daniel and writer Jon Spaihts already at work on the project.

Word of ‘Helsing’ getting another go however is new. The surprise here is that it looks as if Tom Cruise is replacing Hugh Jackman as Cruise is officially attached to star in and produce the film.

Kurtzman and Orci penned the currently shooting “Star Trek” sequel, remain attached to pen a sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and most recently performed re-writes on “All You Need Is Kill”.