Trek Screened For Paramount

Four months after wrapping filming, a first cut of the J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Trek” was screened for Paramount the other week according to TrekMovie.

Reaction to the first cut went “far beyond expectations” and the film itself was “very impressive” according to several sources. A lot of post-production remains to be done on the film, with ILM’s visual effects the biggest area in need of completion.

Abrams is apparently still determined to finish the film in time for Christmas, though with a jaw-dropping 1300+ effects shots to complete it’s looking like the delay of the film to May 2009 was prudent.

The first theatrical trailer is apparently already edited, but the effects are not finalized. It’s nevetheless expected to be released this Fall, the earliest opportunity being “Eagle Eye” on September 26th.

Four further posters have also been released and are online. They show off Sulu (John Cho), Scotty (Simon Pegg), McCoy (Karl Urban) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin).