Trek Blu – TNG Caps & Enterprise Covers

Two “Star Trek” related disc updates today.

First up “Enterprise” looks to be making the jump to Blu-ray next year and right now those involved are trying to decide between three different package cover designs for the sets.

The first involves floating heads of the crew, the second is some rather sleek looking shots of the ship at speed, and the third some slapped together ‘shield and Archer’ images.

Whichever of the three gets the most ‘likes’ on this Facebook page will ultimately be the art it seems, and right now the only good one (the ships) is just ahead with 1029 likes to the floating heads at 917.

Meanwhile the Blu-ray release of the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” hits on December 4th and some stunning screencaps of the costly and extensive remastering have gone online via TrekCore. Check out the comparison shots with the DVD below.