Tranter Talks Who Film & Future

The BBC controller of fiction, Jane Tranter, has pointedly refused to rule out the possibility of a film version of “Doctor Who,” the department’s most successful drama series of recent years reports The Guardian.

She’s also hinted that actor David Tennant, who plays the current doctor, was likely to return to the role for a fifth series, even though he has agreed to play Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company next year.

His decision means that the fifth series will not be shown until 2010, two years after the fourth series airs next year, effectively creating a “gap year” filled by three Doctor Who specials starring Tennant and overseen by head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies.

Ms Tranter also refused to be drawn on speculation that Steven Moffat was being lined up as a replacement for Davies or that actor James Nesbitt was being lined up take over from Tennant.

Meanwhile, the official site has confirmed that the classic series monsters that’ll be making their return in the fourth series will be the Sontarans.

A militaristic race of clones, the Sontarans were notable for their elaborate giant potato-shaped head make-up conveying that they originated from a world with much stronger gravity than Earth.

“The Young Ones” and “Absolutely Fabulous” actor Christopher Ryan will play their leader in the episodes which begin filming in the next few weeks.