Transformers Testing Very High

A test screening of the final cut of Michael Bay’s Transformers tested incredibly high according to one of the producers.

Tom DeSanto, one of the few people you’ll find at a comic convention with the muscles to pull off a Superman outfit, told Rotten Tomatoes that “[It tested] higher than any other of Michael [Bay]’s movies. It’s good, everybody’s excited. It’s a great time right now because in a summer of sequels, we’re going to be bringing something new to the table.”

Talk emerged recently that they might have had to change the ending of the film, a claim DeSanto denies – “It’s one ending. It’s one story. It’s a beginning, middle and end. The ending works. It’s great too because yeah, there’s going to be giant robots but there’s romance in there and Shia has a real emotional storyline that at the end, you’re really rooting for him.”

Finally comes the other big question, the runtime? Surprisingly “just about two [hours].”