Transformers Sued Over Product Placement

Turns out Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” didn’t get enough product placement, so much so that Paramount Pictures has been hit with a $27.7 million lawsuit in China.

THR reports that a local state-backed tourism company says it paid Paramount and its Chinese partner China Movie Channel approximately $750,000 for the display of a logo that never appeared in the finished film.

Now, Wulong Karst Tourism is taking them to court for failing to fulfill their obligations. The case was accepted by a court in Chongqing city in 2014 and is now finally being heard.

According to local press, Paramount and China Movie Channel concede that the logo didn’t make it into the finished film, but said they took pains to make up for it with Michael Bay shooting short advertisement for the resort, and the production team leaving behind sets and props on the resort property that could be leveraged as a tourist attraction.

The Chongqing court has yet to deliver a verdict. The film proved a tremendous hit in China, grossing $320 million.