“Transformers” Sequels Not Plotted Out Yet

While it serves as Michael Bay’s swan song, one of the big selling points of “Transformers: The Last Knight” is that it marks that start of a mapped out future for the series – one in which numerous spin-offs and sequels are on the way following a writers’ room initiative a few years ago.

A “Bumblebee” prequel is definitely hitting next year with filming to begin in August, and the immediate follow-up to that is expected to be the sixth film in the main series which would pick up elements left hanging at the end of ‘Knight’.

It’s still not very clear how far the writers’ room planned ahead, especially in terms of the main series and if the film’s producer Lorezno Di Bonaventura’s comments to Screen Rant are any indication, there’s a reason for that – they’re waiting on feedback. Asked if subsequent sequels are already plotted out, he says:

“No, not necessarily. We have some ideas but that may or may not play out in the next movie. We’re really waiting to see how the audience responds to this movie and what elements they really love because one of the things we found was – as filmmakers – that there was great freedom suddenly to break sort of the simplistic Decepticons vs. Autobots, and now, Arthurian legend, now Knights, and now humans have a role, and that was really exciting for us so I think we want to keep pushing out. So I don’t think you can anticipate necessarily that we’ll do a movie in sequence.”

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is on track to underperform with a domestic opening of $65 million looking likely this weekend – the lowest start of the series to date. In Thursday night previews alone the film took $5.5 million, down from the $8.8 million of the last entry ‘Age of Extinction’.

Reviews have also been the weakest of the series thus far, but how well the film does internationally will be the key.