Transformers Rakes In The Dough

Armed with a $67.6 million estimate for the Friday-Sunday opening weekend haul, the “Transformers” movie has taken in $152.5 million from its Monday night opening right through til Sunday – making back its official $150m production budget.

Whilst it’s not breaking the big records set in May, “Transformers” has nevertheless shattered some others including the biggest opening week of all time for a non-sequel, just ahead of the first “Spider-Man” ($151.6M) and “The Passion Of The Christ” ($144.6M). The film has also taken in $93.6 million in just over two dozen international territories.

Pixar’s “Ratatouille” held strong, falling just 39% from last week’s opening and taking in $29 million for its second weekend. The film is already at $109.5 million in just nine days. “Live Free Or Die Hard” also continues to impress with $17.2 million and an average 48% drop. Its at $83.8 million total gross so far and looks set to end up around $120-130m, the best total yet for a DH film.

Whilst some are very happy this weekend, other’s aren’t so cheery. Comedy “License to Wed” with a mere $10.4 million haul on the Friday-Sunday period and just $17.8m since its Tuesday opening is likely to elope quickly from theatres. Mega-expensive comedy “Evan Almighty” also failed to reach filmgoers, its haul at $78.1 million so far and unlikely to nab even half of its production budget back.

Michael Moore’s “Sicko” took in $3.5 mil from 702 theaters and has nabbed $11.2 million so far, a solid earner but one unlikely to reach anything near the numbers he got for “Bowling for Columbine”. Both the latest sequels in the “Fantastic Four” and “Ocean’s” franchise are dying quite quickly now they’ve jumped over the $100 million mark.

In fact comedy “Knocked Up” is the one of the few still open earners with reason to celebrate. It’s grosses are now a mere $5 million for the weekend, but its $132 million total so far is one of the best profit makers of the Summer. By its end it should hover comfortably around or just over $150 million – making it one of the year’s biggest success stories.