Transformers, Punch, Peas And 3D

Transformers 3

Vince Pace, one of the key people behind 3D camera systems, has revealed to Market Saw that the currently filming third “Transformers” is being completely shot in 3D rather than converted in post-production.

In an update about various projects including comments on additional photography just wrapping for “Resident Evil Afterlife” and “Tron Legacy”, Pace says “Transformers has also signed on to shoot 3D throughout the film.”

Pace also added that he’s currently in Hawaii and “working on a big Disney film but can’t mention the name”, however it’s not hard to guess he’s referring to “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

The comments come as new set photos from the third “Transformers” have gone online showing the actors and Michael Bay at work.

Sucker Punch

Director Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen”) has indicated his upcoming female revenge flick “Sucker Punch” may not undergo the 3D conversion treatment after all as Warner Bros. Pictures had previously stated in an announcement.

“I’m not going to do it if we don’t have the time to really be meticulous with it…I don’t want to screw it up with bad 3-D” he told MTV News in an interview.

“We didn’t shoot in 3-D… It’s such an awesome piece of work and everyone’s worked so hard to make it awesome, so I don’t want to screw it up with bad 3-D” he adds.

Black-Eyed Peas 3D

Finally, everyone got a little conferred the other day when “Black-Eyed Peas” member told that James Cameron is apparently directing a 3D film about the band’s upcoming concert tour.

CHUD got in touch with Jamie Landau, son of Cameron’s producer Jon Landau, who debunked the claim though.