Transformers Producer On Length, New Director

One common complaint amongst critics about the “Transformers” films has been their steadily increasing runtimes. Michael Bay’s four robots-in-disguise epics have run 144, 150, 154 and 165 minutes respectively, leading some to wonder if the next one might hit the three hour mark.

Slashfilm recently spoke with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and asked if we’d ever see a shorter and more concise “Transformers” film, to which he replied that the decision of length really depends upon the director:

“I think a couple things are at work. One is we have so many ideas it’s hard to [fit them all in]. And the other is, the truth is Michael likes long movies. And if you look at all of his movies, they tend to be long. Not just the Transformers movies, you know. So I think that’s what he likes to do and I think, you know, hoping he stays with the franchise, we’ll probably have another long movie.”

He was also asked if Bay is coming back for the next one and even if he is, he will have to step down one day and so are they already considering potential replacements?

“I wouldn’t wanna be them, but there will be somebody. I think the opportunity’s too great. My suspicion is, without having thought really about it at all, cause I really want Michael to return, I think Michael’s found the right mix for this franchise. So the sense of humor, obviously the scale. The invention that’s going on, all these things he really likes and clearly has found a way to continue to top himself.

But, you know, I guess if you had to think about who would be the next one, my guess is it would be somebody who probably was a kid who watched the show as a kid because then they’ll have a fundamental understanding of the D.N.A. in a way. And are able to bring that thing that you have when you’ve grown up with it. It sinks into you in a different way.”