Transformers Nabs $30M First Day

The numbers are coming in and “Transformers” is set to do absolute gangbusters over the holiday.

According to Fantasy Moguls, the film has taken in just under $30 million in its first full day of business in the United States on Tuesday.

Take note that this does NOT include the $8.8 million the film earned on Monday evening preview screenings. Even so, that opening day figure is easily the all-time best Tuesday opening ever, and the fourth best opening day of 2007, trailing only the Spiderman-Shrek-Pirates trifecta ($59.8M, $38.4M & $42.9M respectively) in May.

As critical reviews have come in, early very positive buzz has tapered off to a more mixed, but still slightly positive reaction. The film scored a 59% approval rating and 6/10 average score on Rotten Tomatoes, whilst Metacritic gave it a 62/100 critics reviews score and an 8.3/10 user rating.

Not faring as well is heavily panned Mandy Moore/Robin Williams comedy “License to Wed” which pulled in a mere $2 million on Tuesday. In comparison this past weekend’s “Ratatouille” in its fifth day of business scored four times as much with $7.9 million.