Transformers Films IMAX Sequences

If there’s one thing Hollywood loves doing, it’s copying a successful trend.

There are various reasons for the towering success of “The Dark Knight” at the box-office this year – the inherent market with any Batman film, good will generated by its acclaimed predecessor “Batman Begins”, the stellar critical reviews and word of mouth, the solid trailers, and of course the late Heath Ledger’s performance.

Yet one of the other big key elements to its success has been the six Imax sequences that Christopher Nolan directed and integrated into the film – allowing the film’s IMAX screenings to rake in a whopping $60 million alone.

Now, other filmmakers are getting studios to pony up the cash for similar arrangements with Michael Bay set to film at least three action setpieces using Imax cameras for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” reports Variety.

Others to have expressed interest in doing something similar are Jon Favreau for “Iron Man 2” and D.J. Caruso for “Y: The Last Man”.