“Transformers” Box-Office Plummets In China

While the film studios have learned from this Summer that there’s a lot of franchise fatigue and a notable lack of interest domestically, the strong international box-office has at least help offset the hundreds of millions poured into some of these productions and their marketing budgets.

The “Transformers” franchise is familiar with this as the previous installment “Transformers: Age of Extinction” earned more in China ($320 million) alone than it did in the United States ($245 million).

History looked to repeat with the opening day haul of “Transformers: The Last Knight” in China last week coming in at $48 million, easily beating out the $15.6 million opening day in the United States. Because of this, early projections this past week suggested the film would ultimately gross a robust $290 million within China.

Things however have taken a surprise turn though as Forbes reports that the film’s second Friday in Chinese theaters dropped by an astonishing 82.2% – falling from $48 million to just $8.5 million. The site’s columnist dubs it the “most spectacular Friday-to-Friday drop I can recall for a wide release in China.”

As a result, box-office projections for the film have dropped to $240 million across China – a blow considering the Chinese box-office market overall has grown 50% since ‘Age of Extinction’ opened.

As of today, the worldwide haul of “Transformers: The Last Knight” stands at $288 million.