Transformers 5, “Cybertron” Move Forward

A few months ago came word that a bunch of high-profile screen writers were coming to gather to map out the future of the “Transformers” franchise at Paramount Pictures. Today, the early results of the Transformers Writers Room experiement have now been revealed.

According to Deadline, Akiva Goldsman has walked away with a concrete blueprint to pen the script for a fifth “Transformers” film in which Mark Wahlberg will star and which Michael Bay will direct. Filming on that is already set for June next year.

Meanwhile, “Ant-Man” scribes Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari will get to work on writing an animated feature which will serve as an origin story that focuses on the Transformers home planet of Cybertron.

Approximately nine full pitches and treatments were reviewed with producer Steven Spielberg indicating that five of those had film potential in them, the rest didn’t sustain full features.

The studios and producers now have three years to engage the successful writers to generate scripts based on the treatments they submitted. Both Jeff Pinkner and Lindsey Beer reportedly had success with their treatments and their scripts will likely be made after the aforementioned other two projects.

Goldsman’s fifth “Transformers” will make good use of the ‘Bible’ created during the experiment, laying seeds for further sequels and spin-offs down the line in a film that’s expected to be the last Bay-directed “Transformers” movie.