Transformers = 20 Set Pieces & 150 Mins.

Collider spoke to Shia LaBeouf at the “Disturbia” press junket the other day and he revealed some juicy “Transformers” bits:

“It’s going to be long. He’s going to give you a lot. You’ve got 20 set pieces. You like at Spider-Man and it had five big action sequences — five set pieces. We have 20, and you’ve got to get storyline in, you’ve got to get the narrative in — so a lot of explanation.”

Indeed, so how long will this opus be? “You can’t just have robots fighting for no reason. You’ve got to explain it. The movies going to run, I think, about two and a half,” and adds that reps from FX company ILM told him “they’d never worked on anything like this.”