Transformer Bumblebee Gets A Spin-Off

News came earlier this morning that Paramount Pictures had locked in June 2017, June 2018 and June 2019 release dates for three more “Transformers” films.

The 2017 one is certainly set to be the Michael Bay-directed fifth sequel in the series with Mark Wahlberg returning, but there were no details on the other two other than them being labelled “Transformers 6” and “Transformers 7” at the time.

Speaking on a conference call today, Hasbro’s Tom Warner has offered some clarification – seems the company is doing the “Star Wars” style approach with a spin-off feature sandwiched between the main sequels. That means it’ll be “Transformers 6” rather than a seventh in 2019.

So what will the 2018 film be? It will NOT be the animated Cybertron spin-off project as some have suggested, rather the character of Bumblebee is getting his own stand-alone spin-off film which will open June 8th 2018 opposite Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” sequel.

No word as yet regarding who would helm or pen that film.

Source: Coming Soon